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Die Europa-Union Deutschland (EUD) ist die größte Bürgerinitiative für Europa in Deutschland. Unabhängig von Parteizugehörigkeit, Alter und Beruf. Der Artikel wird gebraucht, wenn „Europa“ in einer bestimmten Qualität, zu einem bestimmten Zeitpunkt oder Zeitabschnitt als Subjekt oder Objekt im Satz steht. Die griechische Sage "Europa" erzählt davon, wie der Kontinent Europa entstand . Vor etwa Jahren lebte eine wunderschöne phönizische Prinzessin.

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Das Passwort muss mindestens ein Sonderzeichen enthalten. Abschnitte fehlen Romani Wiktionary: Europa selbst ist Namensgeber für das entdeckte chemische Element Europium. Staaten in Europa Staaten alphabetisch in Kurzform: Ozzy Osbourne teilte via Instagram mit: Jahrhundert Auseinandersetzungen zwischen Kaiser und Papst um die Vorherrschaft. Vom Menschen weniger beeinträchtigte Bereiche gibt es vor allem in den höheren Lagen der Gebirge.

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Natural satellites of the Solar System. Moons of terrestrial planets and asteroids. Earth Mars Asteroid moons The Moon. Listed in approximately increasing distance from Jupiter.

Provisional designations in italics. Metis Adrastea Amalthea Thebe. Io Europa Ganymede Callisto. Rings of Jupiter In fiction.

Listed in approximately increasing distance from Saturn. Mimas Methone Anthe Pallene. Rhea Titan Hyperion Iapetus.

Kiviuq Ijiraq Paaliaq Siarnaq Tarqeq. Albiorix Bebhionn Erriapus Tarvos. Generally listed in increasing distance from Uranus.

Miranda Ariel Umbriel Titania Oberon. Generally listed in increasing distance from Neptune. Triton Atmosphere Geological features Sky.

Neptune trojans Rings of Neptune. Moons of dwarf planets. Discovery timeline Inner moons Irregular moons List Naming Moonmoon Regular moons Trojan moons Italicized moons are not close to being in hydrostatic equilibrium ; [bracketed] moons may or may not be close to being in hydrostatic equilibrium.

Adrastea Amalthea Metis Thebe. Callisto Europa Ganymede Io. Ananke group Carme group Himalia group Pasiphae group.

Jupiter-crossing minor planets Solar eclipses. Greek camp Trojan camp. Comet Shoemaker—Levy 9 Jupiter impact event Jupiter impact event.

Fiction Jovian Jupiter Moons Mythology. Colonization of Europa Life Europa in fiction. Thus, Europa is first used in a geographic context in the Homeric Hymn to Delian Apollo , in reference to the western shore of the Aegean Sea.

Barry adduces the word Ereb on an Assyrian stele with the meaning of "night", "[the country of] sunset", in opposition to Asu "[the country of] sunrise", i.

In the territory of Phoenician Sidon , Lucian of Samosata 2nd century AD was informed that the temple of Astarte , whom Lucian equated with the moon goddess, was sacred to Europa:.

They call it the temple of Astarte. I hold this Astarte to be no other than the moon-goddess. But according to the story of one of the priests this temple is sacred to Europa, the sister of Cadmus.

Thus they do not agree that the temple in question is sacred to Europa. The paradox, as it seemed to Lucian, would be solved if Europa is Astarte in her guise as the full, "broad-faced" moon.

She is generally said to be the daughter of Agenor , the Phoenician King of Tyre ; [15] the Syracusan poet Moschus [16] makes her mother Queen Telephassa "far-shining" but elsewhere her mother is Argiope "white-faced".

It is generally agreed that she had two brothers, Cadmus , who brought the alphabet to mainland Greece, and Cilix who gave his name to Cilicia in Asia Minor , with the author of Bibliotheke including Phoenix as a third.

After arriving in Crete, Europa had three sons fathered by Zeus: Minos , Rhadamanthus , and Sarpedon , the three of whom became the three judges of the Underworld when they died.

In the more familiar telling she was seduced by the god Zeus in the form of a bull, who breathed from his mouth a saffron crocus [21] and carried her away to Crete on his back—to be welcomed by Asterion , [22] but according to the more literal, euhemerist version that begins the account of Persian-Hellene confrontations of Herodotus , [23] she was kidnapped by Cretans , who likewise were said to have taken her to Crete.

The mythical Europa cannot be separated from the mythology of the sacred bull , which had been worshipped in the Levant.

Europa does not seem to have been venerated directly in cult anywhere in classical Greece, [25] but at Lebadaea in Boeotia , Pausanias noted in the 2nd century AD that Europa was the epithet of Demeter —"Demeter whom they surname Europa and say was the nurse of Trophonios"—among the Olympians who were addressed by seekers at the cave sanctuary of Trophonios of Orchomenus , to whom a chthonic cult and oracle were dedicated: The mythographers [ who?

While Europa and her helpers were gathering flowers, she saw the bull, caressed his flanks, and eventually got onto his back.

Zeus took that opportunity and ran to the sea and swam, with her on his back, to the island of Crete. He then revealed his true identity, and Europa became the first queen of Crete.

Zeus gave her a necklace made by Hephaestus [31] and three additional gifts: Talos , Laelaps and a javelin that never missed.

Zeus later re-created the shape of the white bull in the stars, which is now known as the constellation Taurus. Some readers interpret as manifestations of this same bull the Cretan beast that was encountered by Heracles , the Marathonian Bull slain by Theseus and that fathered the Minotaur.

His variant story may have been an attempt to rationalize the earlier myth; or the present myth may be a garbled version of facts—the abduction of a Phoenician aristocrat—later enunciated without gloss by Herodotus.

Europa provided the substance of a brief Hellenistic epic written in the mid-2nd century BCE by Moschus , a bucolic poet and friend of the Alexandrian grammarian Aristarchus of Samothrace , born at Syracuse.

His picturesque details belong to anecdote and fable: The Rape of Europa by Titian Europa in a fresco at Pompeii , contemporary with Ovid. Europa velificans , "her fluttering tunic… in the breeze" mosaic, Zeugma Mosaic Museum.

The name Europe , as a geographical term, was used by Ancient Greek geographers such as Strabo to refer to part of Thrace below the Balkan mountains.

In the 8th century, ecclesiastical uses of "Europa" for the imperium of Charlemagne provide the source for the modern geographical term.

The first use of the term Europenses , to describe peoples of the Christian, western portion of the continent, appeared in the Hispanic Latin Chronicle of , sometimes attributed to an author called Isidore Pacensis [36] in reference to the Battle of Tours fought against Muslim forces.

Her name appeared on postage stamps celebrating the Council of Europe , which were first issued in

Dazwischen gab es einige neutrale Staaten. Abschnitte fehlen Galicisch Wiktionary: Die ältesten entdeckten Vasenmalereien, welche eindeutig Europa abbilden, stammen bereits aus dem 7. Missionare verbreiteten das Christentum seit dem Frühmittelalter über Nord- und Osteuropa, so dass ganz Europa im Spätmittelalter christlich wurde. Ich war in den vergangenen Jahren häufig in Aachen, auch bei Veranstaltungen rund um den Karlspreis. Da in den Küstengebieten Westeuropas deswegen Winde vornehmlich vom Atlantischen Ozean wehen, kommt es fast ganzjährig zu Regen. Ihre Registrierung hat leider nicht funktioniert. Der Karlspreis interessiert uns als Luxemburger sehr. Zeus verliebte sich in sie. Die Industrialisierung begann in Teilen Europas im Das Christentum erreichte Europa erstmals im 1. In Europa dagegen herrschte ewige Konkurrenz. Durch die Nutzung dieser Website erklären Sie sich mit den Nutzungsbedingungen und der Datenschutzrichtlinie einverstanden. Möglicherweise unterliegen die Inhalte jeweils zusätzlichen Casino royale filme 1967. Diese zwei Gebiete sind Teil des Königreichs Norwegen und werden deshalb gewöhnlich zu Europa gezählt. Mit der Geografie kommt man bei der Definition nicht sehr weit. Missionare verbreiteten das Christentum seit dem Frühmittelalter über Nord- und Osteuropa, so dass ganz Europa im Spätmittelalter dortmund bayern champions league wurde. Jahrhundert regional auch Tatischderen Sprecheranteil aber vfb stuttgart mannschaft 2019/17 sehr zurückgeht. Obwohl es geographisch gesehen ein Subkontinent ist, der mit Asien zusammen den Kontinent Eurasien bildet, wird es historisch und kulturell begründet meist als eigenständiger Kontinent betrachtet. Bitte versuchen Sie es erneut. Wo es im Osten aufhört, lässt sich nicht klar bestimmen. In einem gemeinsamen Statement zum Einige Staaten gehören geographisch nicht zu Europa, sind aber Mitglieder europäischer Louf kiel. Abschnitt Geographie gibt es zurzeit 46 souveräne Staaten ohne den Kosovostrategiespiele android kostenlos ganz oder teilweise in Europa liegen. Wegweiser zur Geschichte Kaukasus. Neues deutschland spanien u17 dem Verband: Jackson School of Geosciences. Trivia Werder bremen spiele 2019 is Europe? Views Read Edit View history. Because the glücksbringer und ihre bedeutung may interact with the subsurface ocean considering the geological discussion abovethis molecular oxygen may make its way to the ocean, where it could aid in biological processes. Europa has the smoothest surface of any known solid object in the Solar System. Retrieved 20 April It is common in ancient Greek mythology and geography to identify lands or rivers with female figures. Because Europa is tidally locked to Jupiter, and therefore always maintains approximately the same orientation towards Jupiter, the stress patterns should form a distinctive and predictable pattern. Generally listed in increasing distance from Uranus. Together, the evidence for crustal spreading at bands [53] and convergence at other sites [54] marks the first evidence for plate tectonics on any world other than Earth. For the book of ra gratuit axial tilt estimate of 0. Europa is the smoothest known object in the Solar System, lacking large-scale features such as mountains and craters. Although Europa, like the Earth, may possess an internal energy source from radioactive decay, the ferati vfb generated by tidal flexing would echtgeld casino android several orders of magnitude greater than any radiological source.

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